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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the process of extracting more value from the existing traffic to a website. What are the principles and tools to adopt best-in-class results?

What you'll learn

What is CRO

Introduction to the practice of optimising a website to turn more visitors to customers. How does CRO help companies realise fast-growth?

The business case for CRO

We’ll examine the benefits of CRO, and make specific comparison to the other way of increasing website revenue: traffic.

Dispelling Misconceptions

CRO results are seldom uniform across websites and verticals. We’ll dispel common myths and so-called best practices.

Human-centred Design (HCD)

Introduction to the principles of HCD and optimising based on understanding users.

Quantitative Research

The hard numbers about how people behave. Learn how to drive insight by interpreting web analytics data.

Qualitative Research

Understanding why people behave the way they do. We’ll cover heuristic evaluation, UX research and user testing, to name a few.

Hypothesis Planning

How to create data-driven hypotheses that inform your website changes.

A/B Testing

How to launch experiments that validate your website changes (includes an introduction to concepts such as sample size and statistical confidence).

Starting out in Social Media
Are you using Social Media for your business but don’t know why?

Our beginner’s course will help you get to grips with the basics of the platforms, helping you to gain confidence and use social media successfully for your brand.

What you'll learn

Social Media for business

Why, when and how to use social media for your brand.

Posting features and tips

What platforms will work for your business and how to create a social content strategy that works for you.

Planning content

Top tips for planning your social media content delivery to keep your marketing on-message and on-brand.

Content and community management tips

We explore the core principles of effective community management, helping you to maintain a happy online audience.

Identifying KPIs and measuring results

The best ways to measure your KPIs and track your social media success.

Starting out in Content Marketing

Are you new to content marketing? Do you want to explore a new realm of digital marketing? Our Content Marketing 101 is the right place to start!

What you'll learn

Intro to Social Media

Why, when and how to use social media content for your brand.

Intro to SEO

The fundamentals of optimising your online presence for search engines with content.

Intro to Amplification

Learn how to promote and amplify your brand’s message.

Planning your Content Marketing

How to approach your content marketing strategy, tailored to your business.